Key to Success: Professionally capturing, analysing and managing your project’s Intellectual Property (IP) in Horizon 2020 projects

Ip navigator

Aiming to maximise the societal and economic impact of research and innovation projects, participants in today’s R&I funding schemes are increasingly called upon to provide sound strategies for exploitation, IP and innovation management. This holds particularly true for the EU’s Horizon 2020 programme.

Our tool-based solution “IP Navigator®” serves to analyse and visualise the risks and opportunities of strategic decisions on further technology and business development in every phase of your project. It has been specifically developed to meet the distinct requirements and needs of Horizon 2020 collaborative projects. Based on patent and scientific databases, our in-house IP advisors create comprehensive and reliable reports. Making complex data easy to understand and share with non-IP experts, its findings provide a solid base for your IP and exploitation strategy. Sound strategies for collaborative IP management and the use of proper IP analysis tools is subject to evaluation criteria in Horizon 2020 proposals.

During proposal writing, throughout your project’s lifetime or only at the end – you may apply the IP Navigator® at different stages of your R&I initiative.

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From searching scientific databases to IP landscaping – IP Navigator® offers several analysing options and tools tailored to your specific needs.

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IP Navigator® can be used in a variety of project types and settings – be it basic research or market-and application-oriented endeavours.

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Impact and innovation management plays an increasing role in the evaluation of Horizon 2020 proposals

Sound strategies for collaborative IP management and the use of proper IP analysis tools for drafting convincing exploitation strategies are key elements of Horizon 2020 proposal evaluation - and can be a deciding factor whether proposals are retained for funding or rejected. Make sure to gain a competitive advantage by using our experience, know-how and tools.