The following case study shows how an FP7-funded research project successfully applied and used the IP Navigator® during the project’s final month when all the results produced had already been made available by the consortium. For a period of 4.5 years, the collaborative project focussed on improving prevention, therapeutic management and prognosis of Tuberculosis and Diabetes co-infections.

Despite the lack of patents, the analysis showed interesting results bringing together all citations of the peer-reviewed works produced by the project. The scientists were informed about who cited their publications, in which fields and when – which showed new dissemination possibilities and opened spaces for future collaboration with third parties outside the consortium.

The analysis found 28 scientific publications in the research engines Web of Science and Thomson Innovation, provided by Thomson and Reuters and a total of 159 citations by the end of the project lifecycle. The IP Navigator® then created a database including the authors’ name and institution, dates of publication, country, journals of publication and their impact factor as well as fields of research of the citing document specifying whether they were citations made by consortium members (internal citations) or by external institutions (external citations).

01604080120Citations by project partners: 43External citations: 116

The amount of external institutions and authors citing the project results prove that dissemination activities outside the consortium were quite successful regarding the scientific community. This is also confirmed by the high impact factor of the journals that mostly published documents citing the project; among them:

Furthermore, the IP Navigator® database showed that results were used far beyond European borders with 75 extra-European institutions contributing to papers citing the project’s documents outside the European continent.

Overall citations

Citations overall
  • Citations belonging to the consortium: 43
  • University of Cape Town: 13
  • Harvard Med Sch: 7
  • KNCV TB FDN: 7
  • Univ London Imperial College: 7
  • John Hopkins Bloomberg: 6
  • Karolinska Inst: 6
  • Others: 70

Being able to link results to the most updated IP databases in the world, the IP Navigator® also showed the project’s yearly progress in relation to the relevant scientific fields. By researching relevant information by keywords and filtering by field of use, it created a Themescape map containing all documents, citations and documentation developed outside the project’s research framework.

Citations landscape
Citations belonging to the consortium
Papers produced by the consortium
External citations
# of records:

The IP Navigator® analysis provided the consortium with quantified results about who cited their project publications, in which fields and when. Besides helping to measure part of the project output, this could also open up new dissemination possibilities and future collaborations with third parties outside the consortium.