Fit for Health 2.0’s international training combined with Coordinators Day at the EC

International Training on Grant Agreement Preparation and Management for H2020 Project Coordinators

On 22 January 2015, “Fit for Health 2.0” will organise a full-day international training in Brussels addressing new coordinators of Horizon 2020 projects. This training is combined with the Coordinators Day organised by the European Commission for all single stage and two-stage coordinators whose proposals were positively evaluated in the Societal Challenge 1 call of 2014.

During this one-day training, information on the challenges of negotiating the grant and especially the consortium agreement will be offered – the basis for a successful project start and smooth implementation. The second part of the training focuses on project implementation and management. Insights into available tools, the procedure of project reporting and the various aspects of project management, including IPR issues will be presented. As clinical studies are an essential element of health research in the new framework programme and a significant amount of funding has been earmarked for related projects, a third part of the training will deal with the implementation and management of clinical trials in Horizon 2020.

Eurice is partner of Fit for Health 2.0 and organises this event. The training will be given by members of the Fit for Health consortium with extensive theoretical knowledge and practical experience for negotiations, collaborative project management and clinical trials management.

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