PathoNGen-Trace: Final Meeting and Successful Project Conclusion

One last time before the conclusion of the PathoNGen-Trace project, the consortium gathered for its annual meeting at the premises of the Heinrich Pette Institute in Hamburg, Germany in June. During the two days the partners presented their work and progress since the last meeting in 2015. Besides a detailed analysis of the single work packages, the final meeting offered the opportunity to summarise the experiences gained and to discuss the achievement of the overall project goals.

The meeting was followed by the 2nd “Rapid Microbial NGS and Bioinformatics: Translation Into Practice” conference which also took place in Hamburg. The three-day conference brought together experts from all over the world working on techniques to discover the epidemiology, anti-microbial resistance, ecology and evolution of microorganisms.

The multinational project PathoNGen-Trace was funded by the European Commission under the 7th Framework Program with the main aim to bring Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) from a basic research tool to a highly efficient technology for pathogen typing and diagnostics on EU level. In order to successfully exploit and disseminate the results of the project, the research consortium targeted an active participation of the industry right from the beginning. The development of new tools and technologies in this SME-targeted project will remove existing obstacles for large-scale use of NGS by European clinical microbiologists and scientists. The research consortium is planning to continue their collaboration and is currently discussing possible joint activities after the end of the project.

Projects like this contribute significantly to boosting scientific excellence and competitiveness of European medical and biotechnological research improving the healthcare provision for European citizens.

PathoNGen-Trace is one of currently 18 projects in the Healthcare and Life Science sector with participation of Eurice as a management and communication partner.

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