Science You Can Taste! Eurice Project TRADITOM Joins Europe Day 2017

May 6 is Europe Day! EU institutions open their doors to the public inviting European citizens of all ages to take part in visits, debates, concerts and other events to mark the day and raise awareness about the EU. Horizon 2020 project TRADITOM will be joining the celebrations in Brussels providing a hands-on demo of their research endeavour with a stand at the EU OPEN DAY.

The 16 TRADITOM partners aim to foster the conservation of traditional tomato varieties and increase their competitiveness in the global and local market. The goal is to provide traditional tomato farmers with a strong science-based platform on the identity and variability of traditional tasty tomato varieties. The project enables to introduce disease resistance genes while maintaining the good characteristics of traditional tomatoes through close interaction between scientists, farmers, producers and breeders.

At the EU OPEN DAY, TRADITOM consortium members will make their project tangible by demonstrating different varieties in a tomato tasting, inviting children to join a tomato quiz or detecting human “supertasters”. As part of the multinational project consortium, Eurice takes care of the project management and communication activities within TRADITOM. To find out more, please visit the project website.

Tags: Horizon 2020