EU Commission Acknowledges Achievements for Transatlantic CHIC Project

The European Commission has published a news article on the achievements of FP7-project CHIC (Computational Horizons in Cancer), a large-scale transatlantic research project aiming at the development of individualised cancer treatment. As one of 17 partners based in Europe and the US, Eurice contributes to the successful implementation of the project goals as a management partner.

CHIC proposes the development of clinical trial-driven tools, services and secure infrastructure that will support the creation of multiscale cancer hyper-models (integrative models).

The article published in the news section under the EC Digital Single Market Strategy states that "CHIC has exploited to the fullest the great potential of geographically distributed world leading research teams active in the fields of multiscale cancer modelling, biomedical informatics technologies and clinical medicine."

Please read the full article on the European Commission's website.