Research in Motion: Horizon Project SysMedPD Releases Partner Interviews

The challenges and potential of finding a cure for Parkinson's Disease

The EU-funded research project SysMedPD has released a series of short interviews illustrating the partners’ activities and role in the project, as well as highlighting the expected impact of the project results on European society. Four partners from academia and industry were interviewed during the second progress meeting at the Institute of Neurogenetics in Luebeck, Germany.

SysMedPD started in December 2015 to further explore and identify novel drug candidates capable of slowing down the progression of neurodegeneration in the subset of PD patients with overt mitochondrial dysfunction. After Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease (PD) is the second most common neurodegenerative disease and its prevalence will continue to grow as the population ages. More than one million people with PD live in Europe today and this number is forecast to double by 2030. The consortium’s objectives are to improve means for PD detection and therapy development by developing tools and approaches, and to commercialize the project results so the society as a whole can benefit from the results.

The interview clips illustrate the interdisciplinary approach of the multi-national consortium and showcase the different expertise the partners bring to the project including their personal motivation to achieve the project’s objectives.

As dissemination and communication parter in SysMedPD, Eurice accompanied the complete production process of the interviews.

The clips are available on the SysMedPD website and on the Eurice YouTube channel.

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