Nanomedicine against Alzheimer’s: Eurice Project B-SMART Releases Animated Clip

The research project B-SMART has released a short animated clip illustrating the project goals in an entertaining and understandable format, as well as highlighting the expected impact of the project results on European society. The Horizon 2020 project is only a little more than a year old, but already at this stage, the consortium aims to raise awareness for the project’s specific and innovative approach and the general importance of nanomedicine in treating neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s. This group of diseases affects over 7 million people in Europe already – a number which is expected to grow rapidly with our ageing societies. Despite this fact, few treatments are available so far. B-SMART, which will run for a total of 5 years, was launched in 2017 with the aim to discover innovate ways to treat neurodegenerative diseases: the 9 partners from academia and industry have set out to design and develop modular nanoparticles, which are planned to deliver RNA therapeutics straight to the brain.

As dissemination and communication partner in B-SMART, Eurice accompanied the complete production process of the clip which is available on the B-SMART website and the Eurice YouTube channel.

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