EC Service CORDIS Features Results of Eurice Project SynSignal

The FP7 project investigated artificial cellular signalling models

The European Commission's Community Research and Development Information Service (CORDIS) has featured the recently concluded FP7 project SynSignal in their "Results in Brief" section. The comprehensive article, which has been published in six European languages, describes how coordinator Prof. Horst Vogel and the multinational project partners have used synthetic biology approaches to study the cell signalling systems that enable cells to perceive their environment and control cellular activities. One of their main goals was to develop synthetic signalling cascades, which are transferrable into human cells for the treatment of specific diseases.

And the potential of the project results goes even further: "The open innovation policy pursued in SynSignal enables access of European pharmaceutical and industrial biotechnology companies to the SynSignal drug discovery technologies," the article states.

As management and dissemination partner in SynSignal, Eurice has supported the consortium in the successful implementation of its ambitious goals.

To read the full CORDIS article, click here.

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