B-SMART: Successful 2nd Review Meeting in Brussels

With the end of their second reporting period, the B-SMART consortium had another appointment with their EC Officer in Brussels: The project was evaluated in a 2nd Review Meeting, and the consortium took the chance of meeting a day prior to the review during their 6th Progress Meeting. The meeting took place from 29-30 January 2020 at the KoWi premises in Brussels.

Overlooking the rooftops of Brussels, representatives of all partners discussed the progress of the last months. The project is entering a new phase: The investigation phase is now over and the results that have been achieved ought to be translated into therapeutic effects and the definition of the final manufacturing method for scaling up. This marks another crucial step in the project, not only in the research and development of the nanocarriers, but also in the corresponding innovation-related activities, which were also being discussed. The consortium was joined by Prof. Gert Storm from Utrecht University in his role as member of the Industrial and Exploitation Advisory Board and he acknowledged the consortium’s progress in their ambitious goals.

On the second meeting day, the consortium was joined by their EC Officer and external monitoring expert for the review meeting. Both guests were impressed with the progress of the project, but they also discussed the challenges the consortium was facing and stressed the importance of not only disseminating its research results, but also of harvesting the commercial value of its output.

The next Progress Meeting will take place in Santiago de Compostela in September 2020.

The Eurice team is involved in B-SMART as management and dissemination partner and contributes to the successful implementation of the project goals by supporting the consortium in all aspects of project management and dissemination activities.

The B-SMART Consortium at the 6th Progress and 2nd Review Meeting in Brussels, Belgium
The B-SMART Consortium at the 6th Progress and 2nd Review Meeting in Brussels, Belgium
Hannah Walgrave Presenting VIB’s Results
Hannah Walgrave Presenting VIB’s Results
Concentrated Atmosphere during the Meeting
Concentrated Atmosphere during the Meeting
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