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Boosting Impact in Horizon 2020 Projects: New Brochure by the European IPR Helpdesk

Thematic special including interview and webinar with Eurice experts

As part of the European IPR Helpdesk training scheme, Eurice has taken the lead in the development of a Thematic Special including a comprehensive brochure and a related webinar specifically addressing the role of communication, dissemination and exploitation in EU-funded research and innovation projects. In the development of the brochure, the team was supported by and closely collaborated with members from the European Commission's Directorate-General for Research and Innovation, and here the Common Support Centre in particular.

Download the PDF now!

Given the increased focus on impact in the Horizon 2020 programme and the importance attached to activities that help demonstrate and maximise the societal and economic impact of R&I funding, effective plans for communication, dissemination and exploitation are considered crucial for successful project evaluation.

The idea for the thematic special was born from a growing demand for information and clarification of the differences between these terms. Eurice CEO Jörg Scherer, Head of Communication and Training at the European IPR Helpdesk: "In our training workshops – when we address exploitation in Horizon 2020 projects – we have often been asked how IP management relates to communication, dissemination and exploitation. It became clear that there still exists some confusion about these terms and also, that there is a strong interest in learning more about how this subject should be addressed during the proposal and implementation phase of a project."

The new brochure is intended as an introduction, and will provide a helpful overview when developing a project's outreach and exploitation strategy. Questions related to IP and IP management are highly significant in this context and are thus addressed at various points throughout the document.

In addition to the brochure, which can be downloaded here, the Thematic Special on the topic includes a dedicated webinar session scheduled for May 29, 2018.

Save the date: Registration for the webinar will open on May 8. As the number of participants is limited, make sure to reserve in time! As in all training sessions provided by the European IPR Helpdesk, participation is free of charge.

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