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EURICE and RISE Shine in Horizon Europe's First Half

Halfway through Horizon Europe, the EU's flagship research and innovation (R&I) programme, EURICE and its sister company, RISE, have emerged as leading European SMEs, both nationally and continentally.

EURICE: Dominating German and European R&I

Since the start of Horizon Europe, over 9,980 grants have been signed by European SMEs, with German SMEs contributing more than 3,760 signed grants. Building upon our achievements in Horizon 2020, EURICE has strategically positioned itself as a prominent player within this competitive landscape.

Among over 7,000 European SMEs, EURICE ranks fourth, with 36 project grants signed so far across diverse research fields. Within Germany, EURICE stands out as the 2nd most successful SME, outperforming nearly 900 competitors and thus placing us within the top 0.2%.

EURICE has also excelled in terms of net EU contributions received, securing the 2nd position among German SMEs with a total of EUR 12.4 million to date.

RISE: A Croatian R&I Powerhouse

Founded in early 2023, EURICE’s sister company, RISE, has already made a significant impact on the Croatian R&I landscape. With a first place in project participation (12 out of 208 signed grants) and a strong 2nd place in net EU contributions obtained (EUR 1.9 million), RISE has quickly become the key player in Croatia.

A Promising Outlook

This analysis paints an optimistic picture for both EURICE and RISE. As Jörg Scherer, CEO of both companies, remarks:

"Drawing on EURICE's two decades of experience, we have firmly established ourselves as a leading SME in the research and innovation landscape throughout the first half of Horizon Europe. This is reflected in our strong position highlighted in the data."

"RISE, too, demonstrates great potential. Our clear leadership in project participation and impressive second place in net EU funding bode well for our impact on both the Croatian R&I scene and the EU-13 region ('Widening' countries). We are committed to building on these successes during the next half of Horizon Europe."

Horizon Europe Halftime

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