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Eurice Co-Authors New BIOMAP Publication: Detecting Biomarkers to Predict Severe Skin Conditions

Severe cases of atopic dermatitis (AD) and psoriasis (Pso) significantly impact lives, often leading to further health complications and higher healthcare costs. Early intervention can lessen this burden, but there is currently no way to identify high-risk individuals.

A new publication on "Defining Disease Severity in Atopic Dermatitis and Psoriasis for the Application to Biomarker Research – An Inter-Disciplinary Perspective" in the prestigious British Journal of Dermatology, co-authored by Eurice's Senior Project Manager Tamara Messer and the Head of Communications & Marketing, Nina Weiler, aims to address this challenge. As part of the BIOMAP project, researchers have curated clinical and molecular data to discover biomarkers for severe AD and Pso cases.

To truly focus on patients’ health needs, BIOMAP partner Eurice has implemented a direct line of exchange between patient representatives and researchers through PPI ("Patient and Public Involvement") Liaison Officers in each of the project's work packages. This has enabled targeted collaboration between patients and scientists throughout the project, but it is also benefitting the current publication.

One of the main outcomes of this structured approach to patient involvement in BIOMAP is the implementation of a process to produce plain-language summaries of all BIOMAP publications. With the support of the scientists involved, the patient board members and the Eurice communication experts, BIOMAP has published 10 summaries so far, with more to come.

A lay summary of the publication including a graphical abstract making the scientific content of the article accessible in a visual format will be made available via the BIOMAP project website shortly. For now, you can read up on previous BIOMAP articles and accompanying lay summaries.

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