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EURICE Participates in the NeuroCOV Workshop on the Challenges and Opportunities of the European Health Data Space (EHDS)

The recent approval of the European Health Data Space (EHDS) by the European Parliament at the end of April marked a significant milestone for the European health domain. The EHDS is bound to transform healthcare delivery, research, and innovation activities across the EU, driven by a clear vision: to increase citizens’ control over (and trans-border access to) electronic health records, improve coordination among European countries, and enhance health crisis preparedness. However, its implementation raises critical questions: What role can the scientific research community play in preparing for the EHDS? What actions are necessary for European countries to ensure its effective implementation? What challenges remain unaddressed in the regulation's consolidated text?

To address these questions and set the agenda for ongoing public scrutiny of the proposed regulation, the consortium of the EU-funded NeuroCOV research project successfully held a workshop titled "The European Health Data Space: Forecasting Technoscientific, Ethical, and Social Challenges in Implementation" yesterday at the Langenbeck-Virchow-Haus in Berlin, Germany. This pivotal event brought together policymakers, researchers, and healthcare providers, taking a significant first step for the collective reflection on the EHDS and the future of the European health ecosystem.

Representing EURICE at the workshop were Dr Cora Meyer, Senior Project Manager and Co-Leader of the Health Ecosystem, and Laura Schweigert, Project Manager. "As leading advisors on European health projects, we were privileged to participate in the NeuroCOV workshop," said Dr Cora Meyer. "Inspired by the insightful presentations and productive discussions, we will continue to closely monitor the EHDS developments to ensure that current and future health projects are optimally prepared for the forthcoming changes in the European health landscape."

For further information, please visit the project website.

About NeuroCOV
Long-term neurological and neuropsychological complications of COVID-19 are recognised in patients across all age groups and independent of infection severity. Symptoms of such neurological deficits are diverse and include concentration problems, memory lapses, brain scan alterations, and parkinsonism. Called NeuroCOVID, this phenomenon has profound implications, posing unprecedented risks to both society and healthcare systems. With a multidisciplinary and international consortium of 10 institutions, the EU-funded NeuroCOV project aims to advance our knowledge of NeuroCOVID and establish the groundwork for personalised therapies, all while addressing the societal consequences of this major global problem. For the latest updates about the project's work, please visit the project website and follow NeuroCOV on LinkedIn and X.

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