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EURICE Supports the Virtual Rare Diseases Run 2024

Members of the EURICE team participated in the virtual Rare Diseases Run 2024 to show their support for charities and support groups for patients with rare diseases and their caregivers.

The Rare Diseases Run, initiated by a member of the EURAS team, aims to raise awareness of rare diseases and collect donations for 22 charities and patient support groups across Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

EURICE is involved in several R&D projects focusing on rare diseases, including the collaborative Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI 2 JU) project Screen4Care. This project offers a novel approach based on genetic newborn screening and digital technologies to accelerate the development of diagnostic frameworks for rare diseases. Additionally, the EURAS project, also dedicated to research on rare diseases, specifically focuses on neurodevelopmental RASopathies. Notably, patient representatives initiated the EURAS project and are actively involved in shaping its activities at all levels.

This year marked the third edition of the Rare Diseases Run, with an ever-increasing number of participants. EURICE is proud to have been a part of it! We are delighted to have contributed to the run in support of patients, their carers, and families while raising awareness of the crucial need for further research on rare diseases.

The EURICE Team for the Rare Diseases Run 2024
The EURICE Team for the Rare Diseases Run 2024
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