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Gender dimension in H2020: Eurice project MOVE identified as positive example

In the EC’s Interim Evaluation of the H2020 framework programme, the expert group has identified Eurice project MOVE as one of 15 A-ranked projects integrating the gender dimension in their work.

The report states that in MOVE “Gender is a central category within a broader perspective on social inequality and young people disadvantages.”

In the course of the evaluation, the gender expert group analysed 111 projects with a focus on how gender is integrated into the research content. Projects that ranked A seriously consider the gender perspective and integrate the gender dimension into a significant part of their activities. This affects various levels, including theoretical background, methodology, as well as the impact and dissemination sections.

Horizon 2020 project MOVE aims to identify ways of good practice in youth mobility that foster sustainable development and wellbeing. The partners search for a research-based contribution to improve the conditions of young people's mobility in Europe and to reduce its negative impacts.

Eurice is management partner in MOVE and supports the consortium in the implementation of its work and the dissemination of the project results.

Read the full evaluation report here.

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