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Halftime at ncRNAPain

Almost exactly two years into the project, the ncRNAPain partners gathered on November 5-6, 2015 for their annual progress meeting. It was hosted by partner University of Bordeaux, directly opposite the impressive cathedral and next to the old town, a UNESCO world heritage. Coordinator Michaela Kress was very pleased to welcome the international consortium as well as Scientific Advisor Arn van den Maagdenburg for two days of intense discussions on work progress and next steps.

The presentations by the team members showed the huge progress achieved after half of the project duration, and particularly the dedicated subgroup meetings provided a sound foundation for determining the necessary steps towards the project goal. The coordinator, Michaela Kress, was extremely satisfied with the results so far, and in a short talk, scientific advisor Arn van den Maagdenburg stressed the extraordinary collaboration and continuous communication among the team members which he felt to be important factors in ensuring the project’s success.

The next meeting will take place in spring 2016 and will be hosted in Mainz.

ncRNAPain is a four-year Collaborative Project funded by the European Commission under the 7th Framework Programme of the European Union. The project aims to tackle ncRNAs in pain syndromes for which treatments are either inexistent or inadequate, such as neuropathic and neurogenic pain. ncRNAPain will identify specific patterns of circulating ncRNA for improving diagnostic and prognostic precision, as well as their contribution to inter-individual variations in the response to painful stimuli and analgesic drugs.

The Eurice team is involved in ncRNAPain as management and dissemination partner and contributes to the successful implementation of the project goals.

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