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MeBattery: First Successful Progress Meeting in Vienna

Six months into the project, the MeBattery consortium came together for their first Progress Meeting between 3 and 4 November 2022. IST Austria kindly hosted the meeting at their beautiful campus in the woods at Klosterneuburg near Vienna, Austria.

The first meeting day was dedicated to the individual partners’ progress in the technical work packages. Being a small consortium of just six partners, there was a trustful atmosphere from the start as the 13 participants reported on their activities and dived into discussions right away. On the second day, the partners went deeper into technical discussions on how to develop a new flow battery technology that overcomes the limitations of current state-of-the-art battery technologies in terms of sustainability, cycle life, recyclability, energy and power decoupling, cost, and energy density.

In addition to the scientific discussions, the partners’ communication and dissemination activities were on the agenda. The consortium has already started to be active in this regard by joining initiatives such as the FLORES network or submitting first publications. Furthermore, each partners’ plans for exploiting the project’s results were discussed. They will be part of the project’s central strategy to boost the project’s impact.

Eurice team members Janine Jost and Heiko Poth, who travelled to Vienna, enjoyed the meeting and its relaxed yet work-driven atmosphere immensely. Over the coming years, the Eurice team will be driving the communication, dissemination, and exploitation activities in the MeBattery project.

The MeBattery Team
The MeBattery Team
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