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Personalised Cancer Treatment: Scientific Excellence in FP7 Project p-medicine

Future X Healthcare Awards for Bioinformatics Researcher Lara Schneider from Saarland University

Congratulations! Lara Schneider, reseacher at the Center for Bioinformatics of Saarland University, has been awarded the first prize of the Future X Healthcare Awards 2017 in the category "Scientific Excellence".

In order to support physicians in finding the optimal drug combination for cancer patients, the bioinformatics research group has been focusing on a personalised medicine approach. Lara Schneider and her team are working on the so-called "DrugTargetInspector"; an assistance system that provides insight into the tumour condition, mutations, affected genes, active proteins or altered signalling pathways.

The research has been funded by the German Research Foundation (SPP1335 -Scalable Visual Analytics) and in the frame of the Eurice project p-medicine. p-medicine has been funded under the European Research Framework Programme FP7 and is one of the ever growing number of life science and biotechnology projects Eurice has been supporting as a project management, dissemination and exploitation partner.

The full (German) press release can be downloaded here.

For more information on FP7 project p-medicine, click here.

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