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REDDIE Video: How Real-World Data is Transforming Diabetes Treatment

REDDIE – Real-world evidence for decisions in diabetes is an EU-funded initiative that aims to explore how real-world data can complement randomised controlled trials to improve the efficacy, safety, and value for money of technologies to prevent and treat diabetes.

In a newly released video, we follow Mike who was diagnosed with diabetes. Mike has spent years carefully monitoring his condition with the help of advanced devices and wearables. But what if Mike’s data could do more than just help him manage his health? What if it could help researchers uncover new insights about diabetes and improve the lives of countless others living with the condition?

This is where REDDIE comes in. The REDDIE project aims to revolutionise diabetes treatment by combining real-world data with the gold standard of medical research – randomised controlled trials.

Harnessing the Power of Real-World Data

Randomised controlled trials are the cornerstone of evidence-based medicine. However, the wealth of data from devices, electronic health records, and other real-world sources offers a unique chance to demonstrate the efficacy and safety of innovative technologies, including drugs, devices, diagnostics, and digital health solutions. This is especially crucial for managing chronic conditions like diabetes, where treatments often involve a combination of drugs, lifestyle changes, and digital tools.

The REDDIE Approach

REDDIE's mission is to enhance the effectiveness and safety of diabetes interventions by integrating real-world data with controlled trials. This involves defining a target parameter and identifying individuals exposed to the same intervention across four real-world databases (Sweden, Denmark, Germany, and England).

Maximising Impact for People Living with Diabetes

By leveraging Europe’s scientific expertise, REDDIE aims to develop standards and guidance that will close the efficacy-to-effectiveness gap. This will lead to safer, more efficient, and cost-effective treatments, ultimately benefitting people with diabetes.

The video is now available on the REDDIE project website and YouTube channel. For the latest updates on the project's work, follow REDDIE on LinkedIn and X.

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