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research*eu Magazine Presents Eurice Project OSTEOGROW

OSTEOGROW, an FP7-HEALTH project launched in 2012, has made it to the latest edition of the European Commission’s magazine research*eu. READMORE The article named “Novel Regeneration Therapy Promises to Significantly Improve Bone Repair” portraits the project’s unique approach towards a new bone regeneration therapy which promises to significantly improve bone repair and provide a realistic solution for patients who require partial bone replacement. While currently available solutions rely on expensive bone devices associated with side effects, OSTEOGROW developed a therapy which uses the patient’s own blood in order to create a clot which is then injected with a special protein and placed in the spot where the new bone is needed.

The full article can be found online as a PDF (research*eu results magazine No58 / December 2016 – January 2017, page 13) or in the print version of the magazine.

OSTEOGROW is funded under the European Commission’s funding programme FP7-HEALTH with a total subsidy amount of € 5.68 million. As one of 11 international project partners, Eurice takes care of the project management and communication within OSTEOGROW.

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