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SAM.SSA opens its doors to the whole PCM community

SAM.SSA Workshop and onsite demonstration at partner side CiCenergigune in Minano, Alava, Spain

On March 17 and 18, 2015, CiCenergigune hosted the workshop and onsite demonstration of the SAM.SSA project in Minano, Alava in their ultramodern research building.

The SAM.SSA workshop and onsite demonstration brought together an interdisciplinary panel of scientists to present current efforts, challenges and future directions for the low temperature energy storage application using biocompatible materials. The meeting programme focused on results during the SAM.SSA project and possible future applications.

After a plenary lecture of the coordinator of SAM.SSA, Elena Palomo del Barrio, the workshop was divided into several sessions: SAM.SSA results, tutorials and “in situ” demonstration as well as industry session and the round table TES in EU: ambition, challenges and horizons.

We had 15 scientific oral presentations, 9 tutorials and in situ demonstrations as well as the round table discussions with representatives from the EU, industry and other EU-projects.

About 50 participants from 10 different countries like Spain, France, Germany, Austria, Sweden, Romania, Great Britain, Morocco, Denmark and the Netherlands took part in this fruitful workshop.

A joint dinner in form of a Pintxopote experience in downtown of Vitoria at the end of the first workshop day was accompanied by stimulating discussions for possible further collaborations.

SAM.SSA is a European research project funded by the European Commission under the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7). Its overall aim is to use microencapsulated sugar alcohol as a heating device, which may lead to environmentally sound, cost effective independent energy supply systems in the future.

Eurice supports SAM.SSA in all matters related to project management and communications.

Your contact:
Dagmar Auerbach
European Research and Project Office GmbH
Tel.:+49 681 9592 3382

Workshop participants in several discussions during the demonstration session
Workshop participants during the presentation session
Participants during the Tour around CIC premises

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