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Workshop on Genetic Resources: Eurice to Share Expertise on Intellectual Property

The EU-funded project BreedingValue invites the European breeding and plant research community to a workshop with the objective of establishing a common understanding of the regulatory framework for IP management of new pre-breeding material.

The workshop on Genetic Resources called 'Pre-breeding materials: a grey zone between Genetic Resources and Cultivars Introduction on regulatory aspects and protection of Intellectual Property' will take place on 15 March 2023 from 8:30 am until 3:30 pm at the University of Applied Sciences, HTW Dresden Campus Pillnitz, Germany.

Registration is now open until 15th February 2023.

Genetic Resources (GenRes) are part of a complex international policy and legal framework that regulates the various phases of their identification, recovery, characterisation, conservation, protection of Intellectual Property (IP) and use. This complexity is managed by various international organisations which, each with their own role, guarantee the appropriate protection and management of GenRes.

During this workshop, Eurice is proud to present alongside high-level representatives of the ECPGR, FAO, CPVO and the European Commission who will share their views on the current international regulatory framework and its consequences for IP management of pre-breeding material. European research projects with a focus on GenRes will share their views on the IP landscape in their respective fields.

"As a leading partner for Innovation Management, Eurice will analyse the current trends of new plant varieties as well as the positioning of the BreedingValue project in the field of the three focus crops strawberry, blueberry and blackberry. A good understanding of the IP framework is essential to guide the development of joint exploitation strategies for the highest possible impact of the project," says Léna Prochnow, Senior Research & Innovation Manager at Eurice and speaker at the workshop.

"This workshop brings together recognised key players in the field of plant genetic resources conservation and plant breeding, and therefore provides a unique exchange platform for the project partners of our thematic cluster," adds Dr Sonja Bergner, leader of the Food & Farm-to-Fork key thematic area at Eurice.

The event promises to be a day full of engaging presentations, networking and lively discussions!

About BreedingValue

The BreedingValue project comprises 20 international partners with multi-disciplinary expertise on berry GenRes and breeding activities – from research, breeding and selection to value identification. The project enhances methodologies for GenRes and breeding material management, conservation, characterisation and evaluation. It increases the knowledge of berry GenRes value on the European level and even beyond by developing advanced phenotyping and genotyping platforms and promoting their use in creating a link between the European regional collections and public and profit institutions involved in strawberry, raspberry and blueberry. Providing standardised research data on phenotypic and genotypic characterisation through a user-friendly database improves the quality and usability of GenRes breeding material, leads to quality improvements of collections and promotes their utilisation in breeding programs. The development of the technologies, access to a fundamental knowledge base, and exploitable advances made by the consortium improve the competitiveness and sustainability of the European berry industry in the long run.

More information on the BreedingValue project can be accessed on the BreedingValue website and Twitter account.

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