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Early identification and remediation of literacy, numeracy, and social-emotional difficulties in kindergarten: an examination of the efficacy of a multi-tiered system of support (MTSS) in BE, FR, GE, CH and LUX


Effective and inclusive education systems are the foundations of successful and cohesive societies. Yet, several European education systems are regularly pointed out as being underperforming, inequitable or segregated. The core objective of the MTSS-K project is to adapt, implement and assess the effectiveness and efficiency of a promising American educational approach for kindergarten in five European countries. The so-called Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS) aims at reducing inequalities by training teachers to improve the socio-emotional, literacy and numeracy skills of all students and more particularly of the most vulnerable ones. This model calls to adopt evidence-based teaching practices and to regularly and monitor students' progress based on objective data, to provide early and more intensive group interventions to students who do not progress as expected, and to provide even more intensive interventions to students who continue to need it. This model has been shown to improve equal opportunities of school success and inclusion by significantly diminishing the number of students with learning and behaviour difficulties and referred to special education services.

Dr Christoph Dierendonck
University of Luxembourg
Horizon Europe & sub-programmes
48 months (January 2024 - December 2027)
Project funding
€ 2,998,188.75
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Marina Lorenz
Project Manager
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