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European infrastructure for Rydberg Quantum Computing


EuRyQa aims to establish Rydberg quantum processors as a leading platform for scalable quantum computing. Rydberg atoms have already provided proof-of-principle demonstrations of all the requirements for general-purpose digital quantum computing. They are the only platform today that has demonstrated more than 200 qubits with strong interactions and offers a clear path to further scalability and, eventually, fault-tolerant operation. To develop the next generation of fully programmable and scalable quantum computing systems based on Rydberg atoms and open them up for the European community now requires a coordinated interdisciplinary and intersectoral effort. For this, the EuRyQa consortium combines partners from academia and the private sector at the forefront of cold-atom technology with key industrial partners with complementary expertise in quantum hardware, classical electronics, firmware, and software. The project will bring together four Rydberg platforms with 100 – 1000 qubits, including three nationally funded platforms and one leading European start-up, to provide a unique European solution to Rydberg-based quantum computers together with Europe-wide benchmarking and standardisation of the technology.

Guido Pupillo
Université de Strasbourg
Horizon Europe & sub-programmes
36 months (October 2022 - September 2025)
Project funding
€ 4,970,860.00
Project partners
Technology readiness level
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Mirna Vela
Project Manager
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